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September 2011


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alphabet soup book review policy

Simon the Bear by Robert Paul Bolner.

For Authors and Publishers:

I am happy to accept ARCs and review copies, but please keep these things in mind:

1. As this blog is a non-paying, voluntary labor of love, I'm only able to review a select number of titles as time and space will allow. My "reviews," which comprise roughly 1/3 of the content here, are actually recommendations. My aim is to only share titles I truly love and to support my fellow writers. Therefore, I cannot guarantee a review for every book I receive. If I have actively solicited a book, it will receive priority in my "TBR and reviewed" pile. Please note that I often do monthly or seasonal themes, so on some occasions I may choose to feature a book at a later time in keeping with that objective. 

2. My primary focus is food-related books for children, fiction or nonfiction, Picture Book through Middle Grade, with an emphasis on picture books. Nonfiction topics of interest include nutrition, gardening, agriculture, cookbooks, culinary history, and food production. I will review the occasional young adult title if it looks especially delicious. ☺

3. In addition to food books, I welcome innovative and/or quirky alphabet books, multicultural titles (especially those by or about Asian Americans), and books by Hawai'i and Virginia authors. Oh, and I can't resist good bear books (real or the teddy bear variety)!

4. Since I participate in Poetry Friday every week, I'd love to see more poetry collections with a food tie-in -- these could be for either children or adults.

5. I feature both new and older titles on alphabet soup, and often obtain copies from the library. So, if you're an author who thinks your book (regardless of when it was published) would be a good fit for this blog, please let me know and I'll check it out.

6. I enjoy interviewing picture book authors and illustrators, and authors of food-related fiction for ages 7-12. Contact me if you're interested in setting something up!

7. What I don't review: e-books, board books, novelty books, audio books, adult fiction or nonfiction (except cookbooks and food memoirs).

8. Feel free to email me with any questions or to get my snail mail address: readermail (at) jamakimrattigan (dot) com.

photo by dlundbech.

Thank you for visiting and considering alphabet soup!! ♥

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I just realized (duh!!) that the picture book I'm working on is food-related. No, no, don't panic, I'm not sticking this first draft in an envelope and sending it to you. :) Just wondering if perhaps, without even realizing it, I've been inspired by your blog! Very likely. :)
I'm so excited to hear this Becky! I'm already drooling . . . hope you keep us posted on your progress :).
I like how you presented your review policy ... with Great Expectations for authors and publishers. Very shrewd.
Can't take credit for Great Expectations. It was all Simon's doing ;) . . .


Now, that's a well-written review policy. They're so handy to have.

Even though I don't consider alphabet soup primarily a book review blog, thought this would be helpful.
Thanks, Jama! It makes me want to write a food book -- and why, I wonder, haven't I, since I love food (especially chocolate) so much? Hmm, maybe one is coming . . . .
A novel about chocolate? Bring it on, Kathy! Please. :)
Hi, Jama. How are you? :o)

Three cheers for food-related children's books!

Into the Wardrobe
I'm good, Tarie. How are you? Have you tasted any delectable books lately? :)
I'm reading Tall Story by Candy Gourlay! It's a really entertaining MG book with Filipino characters!!! It'll be out in the US next year. =D

Into the Wardrobe


Hi have a stuffed bear collection, so I enjoyed the photo! I'm not sure how my collection got started. I never expected to be a collector of anything except books, but based on all the bear books for children, I guess bears and books go together.

Re: bears

With bears, they choose you! One day I had a Pooh bear, the next thing I knew, around 300 furry people were living with me. Funny how things like that happen :).