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September 2011


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cocoa and a cartoon


Hey there!

I can see you've been working hard all week, and may need a little break. Made a nice cup of hot chocolate for you. Little Lulu has stopped by with a cartoon for your viewing pleasure. I loved her so much as a child that I went through of phase of signing my name, "Jama Lulu Kim," and I wouldn't answer my mom unless she called me, "Lulu."

   Special cocoa toast to Winchester, Persnickety, and in memory of Xenia.
On winter days, when we bundle up against the cold, and semi-hibernate in our little writing caves, it's nice to remember. Enjoy, and check out the big alphabets!

Have a good day. Happy writing!

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I've heard the song but not of Lulu. I do really want some hot chocolate now, though! When we were at EPCOT, in "England" there was a tin of drinking chocolate we seriously considered getting, but ended up passing on due to (Disneyfied) price. Bet it was yummy, though.
You haven't heard of Lulu? sigh.

Jealous that you were at Epcot England! Do you remember the brand on the cocoa?
Interestingly enough, it's Twinings.
What a surprise! The reviewer really liked it, as well as Hotel Chocolat. I'd love to try both -- since most hot chocolate powders have too much sugar. Thanks, Debbie.
Mmmmm . . . cocoa. Thanks!
Thanks. Extra marshmallows for you (or whipped cream, if you prefer).


Tanita Says :)

Ooh, there's a wee reminder to just buckle down, eh? I had heard that song -- at the ice arena, when I was a kid. And never knew it had anything to do with school, nor had I ever clearly heard all the words. I LOVE it. And Lulu is adorable - never seen a cartoon, only dolls.

Now I need chocolate.


Re: Tanita Says :)

...thank you for that, by the way. It made my morning.

Re: Tanita Says :)

Yay, glad you liked the Lulu cartoon! :)


Jama Lulu! I LOVE IT!