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September 2011


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poetry friday

friday feast: poetry friday roundup is here!

 photo by Tarevale.

Hello there! Welcome to Poetry Friday at alphabet soup!

Make yourself at home and help yourself to some tea and cookies. If you've brought a poem or review to share, please leave your links with Mr. Linky below. Be sure to include the name of your poem or the book you're reviewing in parentheses after your name.

Remember when Charles and Debra Ghigna brought their sleeping bags to the Poetry Potluck last month? They revealed themselves to be real party animals (albeit polite and delightful ones). Well, just so happens Debra never left! In between tap dancing and drinking endless cups of rooibos tea with cinnamon, she managed to write the perfect poem for today's gathering. Thanks, Debra. Please stay as long as you want -- you're definitely my kind of guest! ♥

 rooibos tea by Hindrik.

by Debra Ghigna

I'm making us some poet tea
From poetry I've known, 
And petit fours with metaphors
And similes with scones.

We'll share some conversation
To while away the time.
It's sure to sound delicious since
We'll only speak in rhyme.

We'll dine upon a quatrain,
A sonnet, maybe two,
While drinking from a couplet 
Just like the poets do.

© 2010 Debra Ghigna. All rights reserved.

While we're on the subject of poetry and tea, here are a couple of teacup haiku to send you on your way:

 Antique haiku teacup by summerchele.

 Haiku teacup available here.

drink me, dear alice
graceful fall to wonderland
pocket watch gleaming



1. Jeni Bell (Original poem, " The Pitcher, the Scientist")
2. Charles Ghigna
Shelley (Dust Bowl Story)
4. Stacy Nockowitz ("Adolescence") 
5. Julie Larios (" Disobedience")
Laura Evans (Original Haibun)
Tiel Aisha Ansari (Dormancy)
John Mutford (Inter Alia)
Amy LV (My Po WriYe #44 - " The Bridge")
Gregory K. - Foods That Scare (originally here!)
Mother Lode - poetry primers
tanita (Dandelion)
Mary Lee (drowning in end- of- school- year " stuff")
Heidi Mordhorst (a family love poem by Gwendolyn Brooks)
Tabatha (Diane Mayr!)
Carol (Dear World)
17. Sara Lewis Holmes (Mary Oliver's Reckless Poem)
The Stenhouse Blog ("Books")
19. Barbara Turner(a bit of e.e. cummings) 
Laura Salas (Seal Lullaby - Rudyard Kipling)
Laura Salas (15 Words or Less Poems)
Laura Shovan (Prose Poems - Bly)
Ruth (" One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop)
24. Diane has Lewis Carroll silliness
25. Doret (The Wonder Book)
26. Mandy (Oh Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems)
27. Kurious Kitty (Robert Hass)
KK's Kwotes (Robert Hass)
Sally at Paper Tigers
Jeannine Atkins (Katherine Paterson's poetic roots)
31. Karen Edmisten (An Atticus Pick -- Wm. Carlos Wms Spring and All)
Megan (Mythopoeia)
Kelly Fineman (There is no frigate like a book by Dickinson)
Wild Rose Reader (APPLE TREE: An Original Acrostic)
Christine Marciniak (How do I Love Thee)
Margaret Perry (The Naming of Cats)
Across the Page (" Window Poems" by Wendell Berry)
Doraine Bennett (bits of the process from Roethke)
Steven Withrow
 (The Brave Little Poet)
40. Sylvia Vardell (New 2011 Poetry Calendar)
41. Toby Speed (poem from "Sea Surface Full of Clouds")
42. Little Willow (a quote from Plato)
43. Kevin Slattery (original tea poem in the comments!)
44. Irene Latham (original poem "To the Mourners")
paula reviews Ubiquitous by Joyce Sidman
46. Tricia-Miss Rumphius ("A Summer Shower")
47. Janet Squires: (Carrots to Cupcakes)
48. Priya (Original poem about Rome)

Thanks for stopping by to share your poems. Have a glorious weekend!

*Teacup drawings by lucy rose.

Copyright © 2010 Jama Rattigan of jama rattigan's alphabet soup. All rights reserved.


Loved "Poet Tea" (and the Alice in Wonderland haiku). And now, I want one of those cookies. :) Happy weekend!


Poetry Friday Offering

Thanks for hosting! I have a poem about adolescence today by my old poetry teacher, Frank Bidart, who is a very accomplished, published poet.


Re: Poetry Friday Offering

By the way, this is Stacy Nockowitz! I guess I have to post the comment as anonymous!


Oh, you are making me think of my sweet friends in Australia - when they lived here in Seattle we would sit around talking over a "cuppa." Must go fix a cuppa tea right now, in their honor (and yours, Jama. Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday.) I've got A.A. Milne (and Katherine Paterson) over at The Drift Record ( this week.


The Wonder Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Thank you for the tea. Its virtually perfect.

And petit fours with metaphors . Love that.



Thank you for hosting, Jama. I adore "Poet Tea" and this whole cozy post.
Amy LV
Thanks for hosting. And how odd timing-wise that today I was blogged my poem that originally debuted right here during your April Potluck. That gives me a second reason to thank ya, even!

• poetry primers

i just did a roundup of sorts for introducing young children to poetry and linked it up with TGIPF - thanks for hosting!

Mother Lode


tanita says :)

Rooiboos with cinnamon? Oh, yes please.
And I'll have a plate of pantoum and a tray of terza rima with the crusts cut off. What a lovely little bit of poetry.

Keep the tea warm, please

I'll be back tomorrow morning for a cup of poet-tea. Have a fun day hosting!


My favorite lines:
"And petit fours with metaphors
And similes with scones."
Very nice! And I Love the teacups!

I've got Diane Mayr's haiga and haiku today! We're randomly noodling.

Oh. my. word. Those haiku tea cups. I want to open a tea room just so I can buy a whole set of them! I might, too, since Mary Oliver is encouraging me to be reckless this morning:


Poetry Friday

Thanks for hosting Jama.
I've reviewed a poetry book, Oh, Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems at


I want one of those cups!

Hi, Jama. Thanks for hosting today. Those haiku cups are fabulous and I'm looking forward to sharing the Debra's poem with schools when we do a Poets' Tea.

My post today is about prose poems. Are they still a valid form, now that Flash Fiction is so popular? Read Robert Bly's "A Caterpillar on the Desk" and decide for yourself!
--from Laura Shovan


Love the cookies and teacup!

...and Debra Ghigna's Poet Tea poem. Thanks for hosting this delicious day, Jama.

Jama,you outdid yourself with table settings. I think we all need those haiku teacups.

And I love "Poet Tea!"
Thanks for hosting this week! I love the tea pot haikus!


Elaine Magliaro

Thanks for doing the Poetry Roundup this week, Jama. I wasn't sure I'd get around to posting a poem this Friday at Wild Rose Reader...but I did. The poem is "Apple Tree," an original acrostic from my unpublished collection SPRING INTO WORDS: A SEASON IN ACROSTICS. I posted it for my mother.
Thanks for hosting, Jama - and I adore today's "Poet Tea". I have to copy it into my commonplace book when I get home!

Poetry calendar

Thanks for hosting, Jama, and for those clever poem tea cups! Today I'm featuring an upcoming calendar of world poetry for children (in 2011).


A Love Poem for my anniversary

Thanks for hosting! I posted Elizabeth Barrett Brownings "How Do I Love Thee?" in honor of my wedding anniversary today.

Christine M.

Re: A Love Poem for my anniversary

Congratulations, Christine!!
I love the Alice haiku and the quotable tea cups and tea service!

Plato quote at Bildungsroman today in honor of one of the songs being sung tonight!


Thanks for hosting, jama. I love the teacup poems especially.

My book arrived yesterday. Thank you again!

I think that I shall never see
Me and Jama having tea
If I don't stop my thinking me
From such negativity
*thunderous applause*

Thanks for coming to the tea party!


for Poetry Friday

...a poem celebrating clouds at

Thanks for hosting!



I don't have a PF entry today, but I just have to say Debra's poem is made for you, Mrs. Blueteaberrry.

Hugs to you,
Jama, thanks so much for hosting! I love the tea cup poems... and having met Debra, I can say it's a double treat. Thank you.


As ever, a gorgeous post, Jama. I think I'm going to stay for tea! I love the idea of drinking out of a couplet!

Marjorie (PaperTigers)
Hi Jama!

Thanks for hosting this poetry shindig! I'm in with a poem by a little-known writer from the civil war era.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Poetry Friday Roundup

How could I not respond with a book about food poetry? Here's "Carrots to Cupcakes: reading, writing, and reciting poems about food," written by Susan M. Freese and illustrated by Jan Westberg.