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September 2011


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six happy things on a tuesday

1. Amiable houseguest: our great-nephew Charlie, surely the sweetest, most adorable munchkin in the land, was here over the weekend. To his credit: good looking in PJs, can pronounce my name correctly, puts trash in the bin, likes my bread pudding, eats his veggies, good napper, smiles 99% of the time, likes washing machine buttons. We are presently negotiating his employment here as a duster.

          Charlie with his dad, Brad. Want one of those monkey bibs.

2. Made an egg custard pie after being inspired by Candice Ransom's guest post about her mom's great baking prowess. Sprinkled extra nutmeg on top just like Candice likes it. Can you say smooth and velvety?

3. Fox sightings! Fuzzy the Fox has a brand new family -- a wife and two kits. One afternoon I spotted one of the babies out and about by himself while everyone else was asleep. Finally captured the rascal playing near the den, which is quite a comfy compound with 3 mounded entrances and an impressive series of underground tunnels. The babies' names: Kit and Kaboodle, of course!

4. Finally got a Kindle. First book I'm reading is Robin Brande's YA novel, Doggirl. Loving it. Think I might subscribe to a few magazines to cut down on the clutter around here.


5. Baby bird: Every year, we have a bird's nest in the same corner of our porch roof. The mama bird sat for days on end and finally, little beaks appeared! In a tragic turn of events, one of the nestlings fell out of the nest, but its sibling survived. This jumbo fledgling likely needed more room. Hope Mama makes the nest a little larger next year.

6. More pie! Recently went to Hill High Country Store and scored a divine cherry pie. Bar none, these are some of the best pies around, with crusts so light and flaky your eyes roll back in your head. Definitely worth the hour's drive. Gonna try their peach next time. ☺

Happy Tuesday, All! Whatever's on your agenda, have fun and remember to smile at the next person you see. And eat some pie. One can never have too much pie. Did I mention I like pie?

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Ahh, Jama, you are the pie in my day!
That just might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. You're talking my language :). Have a wonderful day, Lindsey!


tanita says:

Thank you for lending me your happiness; sometimes borrowing another person's joy helps me find my own.

I just want to squeeze Kit & Kaboodle - TOO fuzzycute!

Re: tanita says:

We love those foxes to bits! So much fun to watch. We're lucky to have found a way to peacefully co-exist.

*Sending you extra hugs and happy energy*
Haven't had a Hill High pie in a loooong time. Now I WANT!
We only just discovered them last Fall. But now we're hooked -- and expanding.
Charlie is absolutely adorable. And then you have baby foxes! And a baby bird! This post brings such a smile to my face.

Okay, and maybe part of it is that I'm so delighted you made DOGGIRL the first book on your Kindle! I'm honored! I looked at this post and thought, "Hey, I know that chapter . . ."

Thanks for all the Happy Tuesdayness. What a wonderful public service you've just offered!

Hi Robin! I LOVE Riley's dogs. The premise is so refreshing -- sheer pleasure to read. I held off buying a Kindle for a long time, but now Doggirl makes me so glad I did. :)
Helicopter pjs and monkey bib and that smile! He deserves another helping of pie.

Interesting that Cornelius likes the kindle!

I just started watching Pushing Daisies on dvd. Have mixed feelings, as the premise strains my capacity for weirdness. But the love interest is a pie maker. Which does a lot to keep me watching.
Haven't seen Pushing Daisies, but now that you mention the pie maker I'm intrigued.

Cornelius loves playing with the Kindle and has asked for an iPad so he can look at picture books. I told him he has to wait until after I get a new laptop and smart phone.

Such a treat to have Charlie here. He really is a good boy with a sweet disposition and says thank you after you give him food :).
Now see, this is why I love LJ. Where else can you get such a huge helping of sugary goodness, with an oversize portion of friendship on the side?
Maybe we can run a campaign to revitalize LJ, certainly the friendliest online community around. Hope hope hope the tech people get things straightened out . . . your wagging puppy tails always make so happy!
Hey, let's do!!!

We could put something together, I'm sure...and if pie's included, I'll bet we'll draw a huge crowd! :)

Tulips upon you!

I <3 your LJ, Jama! The baby foxes, the fledgling and your adorable great-nephew all made me grin. Thanks!

Re: Tulips upon you!

Oh, love those beautiful tulips! Thank you :). Just one more week till our Bob turns 70 . . .


Charlie! Seriously beautiful child.
Have to agree :). . .
That cutie Charlie, a bunch of cute wildlife, and pie? I want to live at your house.
Oh yes, please come over to play anytime :)!
Oh...I want a pet fox! And what perfect names!
They told me what their names were :).
Really, *really* late to this post but when I saw those cute cute faces, I had to comment. Charlie is adorable! Eat that boy up with a soup spoon! He favors his proud papa, that's for sure. Fuzzy fox babies! Even cuter! And baby birds!

That nest looks like its hanging on the ragged edge of yonder. I'm wondering if it's not a robin. Catbirds like to nest in hedges. You should know by now.

That's one luscious egg custard pie you made. But you didn't send any to me! Wah!
Definitely not a robin -- maybe not a catbird, but can't think of what else it could be. The nest that gets built there every year looks very precarious. Amazing how it holds up so well.

Charlie is indeed adorable. He has this funny wrinkly smile he gives me when I tease him. Better go visit him up in NH soon so he won't forget my name.

We thoroughly enjoyed that custard pie, and thought of you with every bite :). . .