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September 2011


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friday feast: round and round we go, or, once upon another time


by Jane Yolen

I am thinking of a fairy tale,
Cinder Elephant,
Sleeping Tubby,
Snow Weight,
where the princess is not
anorexic, wasp-waisted,
flinging herself down the stairs.

I am thinking of a fairy tale,
Hansel and Great,
Bounty and the Beast,
where the beauty
has a pillowed breast,
and fingers plump as sausage.

I am thinking of a fairy tale
that is not yet written,
for a teller not yet born,
for a listener not yet conceived,
for a world not yet won,
where everything round is good:
the sun, wheels, cookies, and the princess.

~ from Such a Pretty Face (Meisha-Merlin Publishing, Inc.), Copyright © 2000 Jane Yolen. All rights reserved. Posted with permission of the author.


That Jane. She runs rings around us all, doesn't she?

"Everything round is good" -- and when it comes to food, everything good just happens to be round.




Salim Virji/flickr


The Pink Princess/flickr


the purple spoon/flickr

*rubs tummy, which is rounder from all this eye candy*

(Also thinking of pizza, hamburgers, tortillas, pancakes, M&Ms plain, honeydew melons, peppermint patties, Ritz crackers, moonpies, and onion rings)

Tell me, what's your favorite round food?

♥ The always lovely and supremely talented Julie Larios is hosting today's Poetry Friday ROUND
up at The Drift Record. Please take her a cookie and enjoy all the delicious poems being shared around the blogosphere today.


*Rolling away . . .*

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If you know me at all, and you do, you know my favorite round food.


But I would not quarrel with a brick oven pizza topped with mozzarella, tomatoes and banana peppers
LOL. I agree wholeheartedly on both counts! Aside from Hill High Country Store, can you recommend any other stores or restaurants that serve good pie in the D.C. area?
I don't know that I've had good pie up there any time recently but then, I really don't eat in NoVa very often.

I usually make my own pies.
There's definitely nothing to match homemade pies, but I'd love to find some that are *almost* as good :). . .
LOVE this poem, and thankful for the round beauties in all of our lives who have shown us that "everything round is good." Thank you for sharing. Happy weekend!
It's one of my favorite Jane poems for sure. Now, if only all our favorite round foods didn't make us round in turn. :)
Hmmm and mmmm. I never made this round connection quite so strongly as I'm doing through your words and pictures. Such roundness and goodness. I have to vote for cookies.
Yes, I know you're a cookie girl :). And raspberry muffins are bumpy round . . .
Judging from the pictures, I think I love ALL the round food.
Sigh. You and me both. Good thing virtual feasts are zero calories!
Not exactly a well-rounded diet, but oooh, I do love the sweets pictured here!

I'll go with thin-crust pizza, smothered with cheese, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes. And white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce on top. Mmmm, gooey goodness!
Mmmmmm! I haven't made a pizza in ages. My mouth is watering. You've inspired me, Melodye -- and a cheesecake for dessert would be nice, too.
Pizza! With meatball topping! Round on round. :) And lately I've developed a thing for those wafer-thin lemon cookies at Trader Joe's.

So glad you're getting into shapes now. If you happen to do triangles, I already know what my favorite food is.
Love your round on round, Toby :D. Nothing cuter than meatballs. Those lemon cookies sound tempting -- maybe a trip to TJ's is in order this weekend. I asked a dangerous question, didn't I?

Triangles: turnovers? Doritos? those Greek pastry thingies -- spanakopita?
No -- a slice of pizza! Hehe.

TJ's makes more than one kind of lemon cookie, but these are in a box (not a clear tub) above the freezer section. They are thin-thin-thin, and also come in ginger flavor. I can't remember the official cookie name.
Slice of pizza, slice of apple pie. Yes, triangles are good.

If I become addicted to thin thin lemon cookies, it's your fault :).


tanita says:

Oh, this is a lovely post. I kind of love all round foods, like Adrienne; I'm on stroopwafflen, at the moment, which are Dutch waffle cookies with caramelly stuff in the center. You're meant to put one over a hot cup of tea to soften, and then you eat it with the lovely caramel stretching.

I became addicted to them after a few days in Holland YEARS ago, and I found a store here that carries them. Bad. Very, very bad...

Re: tanita says:

Ack! You're killing me with the stretchy caramel. Those DO sound good. And I love the name "stroopwafflen." Why does it feel so good to be bad? :D


Great poem and terrific photos! I'm a pie lover myself, and I would never turn down a good cheesecake, but today: doughnuts!
I'll take a lemon filled doughnut, please. No. Maybe a plain glazed. But I like those chocolate dipped ones, too . . .



I love fairy tale poems--and this one by Jane Yolen is one of my favorites.

I'm salivating here looking at all those pictures of goodies. Shared a creme brulee with my husband last night. There's a wonderful little restaurant in the city where I live and they make the best creme brulee that I have ever had anywhere.

Elaine M.
Yum! There's this place in Hawai'i that makes good creme brulee too. Always served in round bowls, of course :).


Love Jane's poem and your illustrious illustrative treatment.... Also love soft round sugar cookies but not so many at a time any more since "rounder" seems to roll right on the heels of "older...."


oops - that was from me, Robyn ;0)
Yes, nothing like soft, slightly chewy sugar cookies. Had some just last week. :)
I'm another one in the pizza camp. Though I wouldn't say "no" to a nice cheesecake. (Or an entire wheel of cheese!)
An entire wheel? Wow, Madelyn, I love how your mind works. :)
LOVE this post. And Jane's poem. Round treats I like: whoopie pies, cupcakes, pies, ice cream . . . yes, apparently I like everything you already thought to picture. And then some.
Yay for round treats! I'd never thought of scoops of ice cream :).
Hurray for round food! I love all the round foods mentioned (except I need to try those lemon cookies and the stroopwafflen) plus I love me some healthier ones, too: carrot slices in stew, oranges, slices of kiwi, blueberries...

But then there are onion rings and sour balls, and M&Ms...

So much roundness to love...and EAT!!!
I like your healthy rounds :), and what about round cereal, like Cheerios?


Oh - and those Little Debbie Zebra Cakes! I have a basement-ful of teenage boys, and I think they're on their second box....
I've never had those. *makes a note to look for them at the grocery store*

Now I'm also craving Hostess Ding Dongs . . .
And the goal is not to live Happily Ever After but instead to live kindly and peacefully, day by day.

Thank you, Jane, you are the queen in my book.
Jane IS the Queen of all things :)!!
what is odd and interesting to me is that, as a deep reader of fairy tales, rarely is a princess described as thin or wasp-waisted. she may be simply "the fairest of the land" or "the most beautiful of all" and it is left for the reader to imagine that...

except in books where the ILLUSTRATORS have created the visual representations we tend to associate.

and just this weekend i was lamenting that it seemed a crime against nature that donuts contained any calories at all. *sigh*
Yes, you're right! Princesses and Snow Whites and Sleeping Beauties are usually portrayed as thin waifs in books and Disney movies. But -- the wicked stepsisters are usually porky. So, good characters are thin, bad ones are fat?

I'm with you on the donut thing. Pretty unhealthy but so good! :)