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September 2011


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quack up!

Blurry? Is this picture blurry? Have you ever tried to photograph a quazy duck?

Quackity quack quack!

Look who waddled into town over the weekend -- yes, that's Max the Duck, star of the New York Times Bestselling picture book series with his uber-talented creator, Jackie Urbanovic!

Jackie was on the panel at the Mid Atlantic SCBWI New Member Welcome held at the Reston Regional Library, sharing her thoughts on "The Creative Life: Navigating the Peaks and Valleys of Writing and Illustrating for Children," along with Lezlie Evans, Valerie Patterson and Regional Advisor Ellen Braaf.

Though I had interviewed Jackie a couple of times for alphabet soup, we'd never met in person. When I finally introduced myself following the panel discussion, she let out a little scream, jumped out of her seat and gave me a big hug. "I can't believe you're here!" she kept saying. Just ducky!!


Such a thrill -- I've been a Jackie fan since I discovered Duck at the Door at my public library back in 2007 -- and have enjoyed each and every installment in the series: Duck Soup, Duck and Cover, and Sitting Duck. Okay, guess which one is my favorite?


Anyway, I got her to sign my books, and then we quipped and quacked for a few minutes. Jackie's positive energy is contaigious, and she's able to convey so much joy and exuberance in her art. Zip, jump, run. Badda-bing! Quazy good (with a side of quisp).

Possibly my most favorite inscription EVER!

Her latest title, released earlier this year, is IF YOU'RE HOPPY, written by April Pulley Sayre (Greenwillow, 2011). Full of hoppy sloppy animals growling and flapping all over the place (review coming soon). Big, big dose of Happy.


I'm a lucky duck, no? ☺

♥ More Jackie posts here.

*skips away*

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That is soooo neat!
It really was wonderful getting to meet Jackie at last. Can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve :).


These picture books look like they'd be fun reading to a young grandchild!

We had a wonderful baby shower for my daughter on Sunday. I brought tons of board books, picture books, and poetry books. I used the board books for table decorations instead of floral arrangements.

Elaine M.
Oh, Elaine, what a fabulous idea for table decorations! I imagine it was the BEST baby shower ever!

I highly recommend Jackie's books -- the Max series is so much fun, and the high energy bounces off every page. The stories feature a lively menagerie of animals, as the human in the story, Irene, has an open-door policy for anything with feathers and fur.

If You're Hoppy is a take off on the song, "If You're Happy and You Know It." Perfect for preschoolers :).
You are indeed one lucky duck - what fabulous signatures!!
Yes, aren't they great? I'm in such awe of artists -- Jackie sketched these so quickly, too.
Oooh! I hope our library gets a copy soon, because I have a little Max-lover here who will LOVE to know there's another story out!

Also, your Max and Brody look quite a bit cleaner and healthier than ours. Max's neck flops over - he's literally getting the stuffing squeezed out of it, lol.
I would say being "loved" well is a source of great pride for any stuffed animal :).
I love that picture of Jackie. She just looks like she's have a blast! And what fun to finally meet someone you've only known from online. (I'm waiting for our day, one of these days.)
Me, too! Meeting someone online first is knowing them from the inside out, which is as it should be. :)
and I think it changes the relationship going forward, for the better of course.
Totally agree. :)
Oh, wow! How I wish I could draw like that... my own inscriptions seem so tame by comparison!

And how wonderful that you got to meet each other in person at last!
It was so much fun -- I love when illustrators include little doodles with their autographs, and of course I'm jealous I can't do the same. Welcome back!