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September 2011


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Sep. 25th, 2009

poetry friday

friday feast: le poème de la pomme

photo by Suburban Paparazzi.

Happy Autumn!

You look mahvelous! Did you know you're the apple of my eye?☺

In honor of Johnny Appleseed's 235th birthday tomorrow, I'm going all apple-y today. I LOVE apple season. Talk about a perfect fruit. "A" is definitely for Apple, and an apple a day keeps writer's block away (hee).

I'm looking forward to gorging myself on apple cider, pie, muffins, crumble, fritters, dumplings, and pancakes. I love apples in fresh salads and relishes, and with a little peanut butter at snacktime. And don't apples have the best names? I wouldn't mind being called English Beauty, Kerry Irish Pippin or Empress (you may curtsy now). Can't imagine the fun I could have with Rambo, Sops of Wine, Doctor Hogg. And I just learned there's an apple called Hawai'i, a cross between Golden Delicious and Gravenstein. It's a gourmet dessert apple with the fragrance and flavor of pineapples!

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Oct. 3rd, 2007


october is for apples!

101-0200_IMG.jpg picture by jamesmargaret3rd
Welcome to our home. Please come in . . .

Happy October! 

It sure was nice seeing our front door again after the long flight back from Hawaii.

But everything felt different. Fall had crept in. Our driveway was full of leaves, and a bracing chill filled the air. I didn't mind one bit. I love autumn. The days ahead promise deep blue skies, rollicking pumpkins, and nature's finest spectacle, as trees take their last bows in rustic costume. I'll fill my eyes with the sight of autumn leaves -- red, amber, gold and orange, because it will have to last me all winter.

Autumn's cooler weather inspires me to cook! How about a hearty vegetable soup, simmering all afternoon, its savory aroma drifting over to where I'm typing a story?  Or even better, I might bake some ginger snaps or an apple pie, just so I can breathe in the heavenly smell of something baking in the oven. 

But do you know what the best part of autumn is?

j0384695.jpg picture by jamesmargaret3rd

What a wonder an apple is, how versatile for cooking or eating out of hand. And what a striking metaphor for writers:  the forbidden fruit, the apple of my eye, as American as apple pie, the Big Apple, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, one bad apple spoils the bunch, an apple for the teacher, apple polisher, and Adam's apple.

Apples are supposedly the most varied food on the planet, with over 7500 varieties on record, and 2500 varieties cultivated in the U.S. alone. Growing up in Hawaii, I thought there were just two kinds of apples:  red and green. It wasn't until I moved to Virginia that I learned about the dazzling array of color, texture, and unique uses for each variety. My husband loves the tartness of a crispy McIntosh, while I prefer the sweetness of Red Delicious for my daily midmorning snack. And what about those Rome Beauties, Golden Delicious, Staymans and Granny Smiths? Apples can have personalities, too!

Chances are good that your local farm market is brimming with bushels and bushels. So, it's the perfect time of year to celebrate apples. All month long, stop in for apple poems, apple recipes, apple stories and lore, maybe even an apple contest!

It just might be the tastiest bite of your day!

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