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September 2011


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Oct. 18th, 2010

f is for fall

hawai'i book sightings ☺

I have to say, way too much of the children's section in bookstores is devoted to toys.

Yes, this has been the case for a long time now, but it seems the situation has gotten worse! Toys, games, book-and-toy gift sets, greeting cards, etc. I think of all the wonderful titles that should have or could have been sitting on those shelves instead.

But, seeing these friends' books cheered me up! They were happy to be in paradise .

Cynthia Leitich Smith's Blessed  (where the casts from Eternal and Tantalize unite) will be out January 25th!

Jo Knowles's Pearl is coming out next summer, and the book after that, See You at Harry's (2012) is about a restaurant! 

David Lubar Appreciation Shelf: Hawaiians love weenies, too!

Lisa Schroeder graced this YA shelf,

and stood out in the middle grade section.

Always happy to see Grace Lin's books. My niece Julia inhaled Where the Mountain Meets the Moon in one afternoon after I gave it to her last year.

Wish there had been more. Sigh . . .

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Oct. 14th, 2009

aloha shirt

cornelius's book sightings in hawai'i

      Cornelius loves his new food tray, given to him
      by my niece, Julia.

Aloha, friends!

Cornelius and I just got back from sunny, very hot Hawai'i, where we had all kinds of cool and decidedly delicious adventures. Did you miss us? We missed you!

I'll tell you about some of our escapades in future posts, but today I wanted to share this slideshow of Cornelius's book sightings. He's got a very sharp eye for titles penned by our favorite authors, and loves to pose. We canvassed several Borders stores and one indie in Kailua called Bookends -- a small, friendly shop jam-packed with a great selection of new and older books. 

I was happy to see Operation Yes (Sara Lewis Holmes), All the World (Liz Garton Scanlon), Dogs Don't Brush Their Teeth (Diane deGroat), and Rules (Cynthia Lord), everywhere. David Lubar, Lisa SchroederKristy Dempsey, Linda Urban, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Grace Lin, Candice RansomJackie Urbanovic and Carrie Jones, among others, turned up, too ! It's wonderful how familiar, well-loved books, spotted an entire continent and an ocean away, can make one feel instantly at home. Enjoy!


Jul. 16th, 2009

dare to be different

bawk bawk!

A couple o' clucks have escaped the hen house!

The other day, Cornelius spotted Tammi Sauer's brand new picture book, Chicken Dance, at the local Barnes & Noble (Fairfax, VA), even though it's not officially out until August 1, 2009.

Be warned, people. Elvis Poultry is in the building!!

Chicken Dance is published by Sterling, with fowl color illos by Dan Santat. (Is that chicken soup I smell?) I'm beyond egg-cited! Thank you, thank you very much. 

More fowl play at

Jul. 29th, 2008


teddy bear on the prowl


Some of you may remember Cornelius and his penchant for high adventure.

Recently he scoped out a few local bookstores in Fairfax and Reston, Virginia. Here are the treasures he found:

At Barnes and Noble, he first ran into this tower of Virginia Reader's Choice titles.

He scaled this thing like a pro, quacking back at Duck at the Door, by Jackie Urbanovic, on the way up. When he finally reached the pinnacle, he found Cynthia Lord's Rules! Can you see him all the way up there?

Here's a close-up (paperback out September 1, 2008)!

         So fitting to have this masterpiece at the very top.