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September 2011


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Oct. 27th, 2008

great pumpkin

let's talk candy!


Last week I read this Yahoo article about the 10 Least Favorite Types of Halloween Treats. Among the items listed were Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, Dum Dums, apples, toothbrushes, treat-size chocolates, raisins, and candy corn.

I definitely remember hating those little dum dum lollipops as a child, and loving Nestle's Crunch/Hershey's Krackle best of all. I didn't mind the treat-size chocolates, but back then they were much larger than they are now (and they're still shrinking).

No, I haven't bought any candy yet. When we lived at our old house, we had lots of kids come by -- but now, living at the end of a very long, dark driveway, only the brave few dare approach us. We've rewarded these adventurous souls with full-size chocolate bars and Pez. We've had as many as 24 kids, and as few as 2 (last year).

I know if I don't buy any candy, lots of them will come. If I buy a lot of candy, nobody will come. And then we'll be "stuck" eating all the leftovers!

Oh, the pressure! The angst! Now that I've read the undesirables list, I find myself wanting to buy candy that kids actually like (as opposed to stuff we like).

So, what are you giving out this year? What did you like most when you were a kid? What do your kids like most? Do you think kids these days have different preferences from previous generations?

Inquiring (and chocoholic) minds want to know!