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head shot 2

September 2011


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Jan. 10th, 2008


we have a winner!!

Earlier today, our usual impartial volunteer was too busy making soup to help draw the winner of Gail Piernas-Davenport's book, Shante Keys and the New Year's Peas. 

We thought we might have a crisis on our hands,
until a tiny voice spoke up.

"I can pick the winner! 
I know my way around this kitchen very well."

You have to admit, he was kinda cute.
And he was holding a black-eyed pea in his paws.

So we set him on his journey to find the winner.

But it wasn't a straightforward case of black and white.

First, our substitute had to navigate through 
the forest of knives and forks.
A very prickly situation.

But the brave little pipsqueak ventured on.

He met a ballerina bear drinking pea tea,
but she was tutu much for him.

Not the least bit daunted, 
our intrepid hero inquired at the nearest farm.

Moo, Loo, and Soo hadn't seen the winner either.
They were probably too busy grazing to notice

Our substitute ran toward the nearest field.
He had to tiptoe away slowly so he wouldn't 
antagonize the giant ants.

They were too busy squabbling over crumbs to even notice him.

Still no winner!

But our substitute didn't give up. 
He looked everywhere.
He saw a bunny and a bee sleeping on a bed of peas. 
Obviously, neither was a princess.

He saw a bear who thought he was Zorro.

He was pining over Catherine Beara-Jones.

Finally our substitute spotted the Carltons, 
who were out for their daily stroll.

Being British, they were very polite and suggested
our hero try the swimming pool.

It looked so inviting. There was even a sign that said, "DIVE IN!"

 So he did.

Bright yellow fish swam around and around.

They looked good enough to eat, and our hero was famished.

But as soon as he tried to catch one, they all disappeared.

He searched in vain.

He hunted high and low.

Soon, he was up to his ears in peas.

And then, something bit him on the ankle.
Could it possibly be the winner?